Radiation oncologist:  A medical doctor who has received advanced training in the treatment of persons receiving x-ray treatment for an illness.
Radiation physicist:  A person having a PhD degree who is trained in the science dealing with the properties, changes, and interactions of continuous energy.
Radiculitis:  Inflammation of the spinal nerve roots. Accompanied by pain and hyperesthesia.
Radiculopathy:  A painful condition caused by pinched nerves in the spine (the upper or cervical spine, the thoracic or middle spine, or the lumbar or lower spine). More about radiculopathy.
Radiologist:  A medical doctor who has received specialized training in interpreting x-rays, CTs, MRIs, and performing angiography.
Radiotherapy:  Treatment of a lesion with radiation.
Reflex sympathetic dystrophy:  A condition characterized by burning pain, abnormal sensitivity to sensory stimuli, poor circulation, and changes in the skin, muscle, bone, and joints.
Revascularization:  Reestablishment of blood supply to a part.

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