About the Pediatric Epilepsy Program

Weill Cornell Medicine offers an advanced, comprehensive Pediatric Epilepsy Program to address the unique needs of a child with a seizure disorder. At the Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center, pediatric neurosurgeons work closely with the child neurologists and epileptologists at the NewYork-Presbyterian Epilepsy Center to develop the best treatment plan for a child with epilepsy.

A child who experiences seizures is considered to have epilepsy, but there is sometimes an underlying cause or syndrome that triggers the seizures. That’s one of the reasons why children who have seizure disorders are best evaluated and treated at major medical centers with comprehensive, multidisciplinary pediatric epilepsy programs. The experts in these programs are equipped to provide the most accurate diagnosis and develop a comprehensive treatment plan for children diagnosed with:

• mesial temporal sclerosis
• tuberous sclerosis complex
• Sturge-Weber syndrome
• Rasmussen encephalitis
• encephalopathy
• Lennox-Gastaut syndrome
• cortical dysplasia
• perinatal stroke

Find out more about all of these causes of pediatric seizure disorders.

In certain cases, a child with a seizure disorder may be a good candidate for a surgical procedure with the potential to reduce or even eliminate epileptic seizures. The pediatric epilepsy team at Weill Cornell Medicine team includes neurosurgeons with advanced training in new minimally invasive surgical procedures, including laser surgery for epilepsy, that greatly reduce both surgical risk and recovery time.

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