What Our Patients Say: Colloid Cyst Stories

What our Patients Say

Three years ago, Beth Willey of Marlow, New Hampshire, traded her tech-industry job for a quieter life at home. “I wanted to do something fun,” she says, “and to be home to take care of my elderly parents and my young children. I started a business...
Keith Maloney, 52, of Norwell, Massachusetts, is quite an active guy — he commutes 24 miles each way to work in Boston; spends time with his wife, Lori, and their two daughters; and regularly practices taekwondo. One day, as he was doing some of his...
Terry DeLeon, a teacher in Westchester County, New York, was staying late after school one night preparing for a national board certification. The grade-school teacher had just started a new job teaching high school English as a Second Language, and...
This nurse knew there were risks in having surgery for her colloid cyst – but when she learned the risks of NOT having it, she put her faith in Dr. Souweidane.
As a researcher and clinician, Dr. Richard (Dick) Colletti, pediatric gastroenterologist at the University of Vermont Children’s Hospital, knows how to analyze information, ask pointed questions, and make careful decisions. So when it came time for...
A cheerleader gets a surprising diagnosis after a fall, but is back on her feet in no time after surgery to remove a colloid cyst

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