Frequently Asked Questions About Gliomatosis Cerebri

Are there clinical trials for gliomatosis cerebri we could be joining?

Ask your medical team what clinical trials may be appropriate. You can also check the current list of clinical trials on

How can we be sure this tumor really is gliomatosis cerebri?

The diagnosis is based on imaging and biopsy. (See Diagnosing and Treating Gliomatosis Cerebri.)

Should I get a second opinion for gliomatosis cerebri?

Of course – this is a serious medical issue and you should gather as much information and advice as you can. Our neurosurgeons are also available to provide a second opinion if you or your child were diagnosed elsewhere. Use our online form to request an appointment or call 212-746-2363. You may also create a secure online account where you can upload your images to get a second opinion remotely.

Where should I go for treatment for gliomatosis cerebri?

Gliomatosis cerebri is so rare that most doctors have never seen it – it’s important that you take your child to a major medical center where the neuroscience team has experience with rare brain tumors. At Weill Cornell Medicine Dr. Greenfield is one of the world’s pre-eminent experts on gliomatosis cerebri and collaborates with a consortium of 20 other institutions around the world in the hopes of better characterizing this rare tumor. (See Doctors Who Treat Gliomatosis Cerebri.)

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