Chiari Research

Donations that are earmarked for Chiari research will be used to support crucial investigations into the underlying causes, optimal treatments, and long-term outcomes of children and adults with Chiari, syringomyelia, and tethered cord.  

There is a significant lack of understanding of Chiari and related etiologies, both by parents and by the medical community. Many cases of Chiari go either undiagnosed — or worse, misdiagnosed. Surprisingly few doctors correctly recognize Chiari's symptoms, and they often differ in their treatment approaches. This can subject kids and young adults to unnecessary painful surgery or needless painful symptoms.

The great news is that when Chiari is correctly diagnosed, patients can expect a full restoration of function and elimination of their symptoms!

The Weill Cornell Medicine Brain and Spine Center is New York City's preeminent hospital for treating kids and young adults with Chiari. We are very proud of our excellent track record of successful surgical outcomes, representing improvement in 92% of patients with a 0% incidence of fluid leak and meningitis.

As leaders in helping patients with this very treatable disease, we have the right solutions to combat this disease.

By educating across the country on the best diagnostic tools to improve success rates in early and proper treatment, we can eliminate unnecessary suffering of those with Chiari. 

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