Spine Center Opens New Clinical Trial for Degenerative Disc Disease

Offering new hope for back pain sufferers, Dr. Roger Härtl and the multidisciplinary spine team at the Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center are now recruiting patients for a new clinical trial. The trial will test an investigational medication intended to treat low back pain and disability caused by spinal disc disease.

The injectable medication, named NuQu, is made of cartilage cells and is delivered during a short, one-time treatment. Trial participants will go home within an hour of the treatment.  The trial will test whether the cartilage cells help to regenerate spinal discs and relieve back pain; the therapy has shown promise in preclinical studies.

Patients may qualify if they have had low back pain for at least six months and have never had previous surgery on their lower back. (The trial is not recommended for women who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding.)

Enrollment is now complete for this trial. Follow-up is continuing, but no additional patients will be accepted.

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