Introducing “From the Annals of Weill Cornell Neurological Surgery”

We are very happy to announce the first installment of “From the Annals of Weill Cornell Neurological Surgery” has been published in the October 2017 issue of World Neurosurgery.

Philip Stieg, Ph.D., M.D., and Paolo Cappabianca, M.D., have coordinated this effort at Weill Cornell Medical College and will serve as the section editors. In addition, Drs. Stieg and Cappabianca have invited a distinguished panel of peer reviewers to assist in the preparation of the articles for publication and to ensure the topics and information are relevant to the interests and needs of the neurosurgeon community. We expect the Annals to have broad reach and high visibility for both the department and institution.

The first contribution, “Surgical Laboratories, Simulation, Technology, and Anatomy,” is a collection of our articles by Dr. Antonio Bernardo. The next two installments will feature contributions from Dr. Roger Härtl on his neurosurgical experiences in Africa and Dr. Rohan Ramakrishna on malignant gliomas.

The Annals will be published on a quarterly basis, and each will include three or four articles on a selected topic. The objective is to provide a comprehensive review of the clinical topic, two articles on innovative approaches to solving current dilemmas in that area, and one anatomical article focusing on surgical approaches to the topic. The anatomical article will be done in coordination with Dr. Bernardo. Therefore, the contributing authors will need to communicate their vision with him. The articles should be comprehensive and proactive for both residents and junior faculty.

When asked about the goal of the project, Dr. Stieg replied, “The purpose of the Annals is to clarify the present status in the treatment of neurosurgical disorders and most importantly to function as a platform to introduce NEW approaches to these conditions.”

Although the initial concept was developed at Weill Cornell Medical College by Drs. Stieg and Cappabianca, the objective of this project is for other institutions to participate in this format. The objective of this project is to have international appeal, giving the editors an ability to work with other highly regarded medical institutions both in the United States and abroad through the exchange of clinical information, relevant translational and device-related research, and surgical approaches in neurosurgery. 

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